Sizing Guide

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Bedlinen Sizes

If you don’t know what size your mattress is, we recommend grabbing a tape measure and writing down the numbers. Compare what you measure to the chart below to identify what mattress size you have, and then read on to make better-informed decisions about what size bedding you need.

 What size bed do you have?

Length (head to foot of bed) Width (side to side) Your Mattress Size
187cm 92cm Single
203cm 92cm Long Single
203cm 106cm King Single
187cm 137cm Double
203cm 153cm Queen
203cm 183cm King
203cm 203cm Super King

Quilts & Quilt Covers

Finding the right size quilt cover can be tricky, but we are here to make it simple. If you have any confusion regarding the information below or need further help, please contact our customer service team.

Quilts Size Chart

DimensionsQuilt SizeRecommended Use
140cm x 210cmSingle Quilt SizeSingle mattresses/bunk beds
180cm x 210cmDouble Quilt SizeSingle, long single & king single mattresses, as well as double mattresses
210cm x 210cmQueen Quilt SizeDouble or queen size mattresses
240cm x 210cmKing Quilt SizeQueen or king size mattresses
270cm x 240cmSuper King Quilt SizeKing or super king size mattresses

Quilts are always a little longer and wider than their respective mattress sizes, to allow for drape over the sides of your bed. We always recommend going up a size to avoid tug-o-war fights and give yourself a couple of extra centimetres of bedding luxury.

Quilt Covers Size Chart

DimensionsQuilt Cover SizeRecommended Use
140cm x 210cmSingle Quilt CoverSingle size quilts
180cm x 210cmDouble Quilt CoverDouble size quilts
210cm x 210cmQueen Quilt CoverQueen size quilts
240-245cm x 210cmKing Quilt CoverKing size quilts
270cm x 240cmSuper King Quilt CoverSuper king quilts

Finding your quilt cover size is easy - simply match it to your quilt size. We don’t typically recommend upsizing from the quilt you have selected as it results in flat edges of excess fabric at the edges, making your quilt sag to one side or bunch up internally.

Bed Sheets

Purchasing bed sheets can get tricky when there are standard and deluxe options in the market. Let us help by breaking down the wording we use on our products.

Sheet Set - Indicates that the set you are looking at will come with a traditional full set of sheets, including a fitted sheet, flat sheet and 1-2 standard pillowcases.
Fitted Combo - Indicates that the set you are looking at will come with a half set of sheets, including a fitted sheet & 1-2 standard pillowcases. This is the option we recommend if you do not want to use a flat sheet on your bed.
Mega - Indicates that this set contains a flat and/or fitted sheet with a couple of extra cm of fabric. This is to allow for further capacity to tuck in on either side of the bed, and a proper fit for taller mattresses. We recommend this option if you prefer to have a bigger flat sheet, or need to allow for an extra heigh mattress/thick mattress topper.

Fitted Sheets (please note, some dimensions may vary slightly according to brand)

Dimensions (“+” indicates the maximum height of side of mattress)Standard vs MegaSheet SizeRecommended Use
190cm x 91cm (+35-45cm)StandardSingleSingle mattresses
190cm x 91cm (+50cm)Mega
Extra tall single mattresses
206cm x 107cm (+35-45cm)StandardKing SingleKing single mattresses
206cm x 107cm (+50cm)Mega
Extra tall king single mattresses
196cm x 137cm (+35-45cm)StandardDoubleDouble mattresses
196cm x 137cm (+50cm)Mega
Extra tall double mattresses
203cm x 152cm (+35-45cm)StandardQueenQueen mattresses
203cm x 152cm (+50cm)Mega
Extra tall queen mattresses
203cm x 180cm (+35-45cm)StandardKingKing mattresses
203cm x 180cm (+50cm)Mega
Extra tall king mattresses
204cm x 203cm (+35-45cm)StandardSuper KingSuper king mattresses
204cm x 203cm (+50cm)Mega
Extra tall super king mattresses

Flat Sheets (please note, some dimensions may vary slightly according to brand | mega size information coming soon)

DimensionsStandard vs MegaSheet SizeRecommended Use
250cm x180cmStandardSingleSingle mattresses
270cm x 190cmStandardKing SingleKing single mattresses
250cm x 230cmStandardDoubleDouble mattresses
270cm x 250cmStandardQueenQueen mattresses
285cm x 274cmStandardKingKing mattresses
330cm x 300cmStandardSuper KingSuper king mattresses


When it comes to pillowcases, sizing is quite simple. Identify if you have a standard size pillow or king size pillow, and then you are essentially equipped with everything you need to know to buy the right size pillowcase.

Pillowcases Size Chart (please note that sizes may vary slightly across different brands)

Pillow DimensionsPillow SizePillowcase that will fit
68cm x 40cmStandardStandard size pillowcase (75cm x 50cm)
68cm x 40cmStandard (high loft & firm pillows or pillows with a wide gussett)Queen size pillowcase (80cm x 55cm)
90cm x 50cmKingKing size pillowcase (90cm x 50cm)
65cm x 65cmEuropeanEuropean size pillowcase (65cm x 65cm)

Keep in mind that though the length and width of your pillowcase may be standardised, the height can vary depending on how lofty or tall your pillow is. For extremely lofty pillows, be sure to check with our team to ensure the product will fit!