Our Price Promise

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Our approach to value.

It’s no secret that when it comes to bedlinen, the market is flooded with brands, offers and styles. It’s a competitive industry to be in, and we recognise that as with all aspects of life, value is important when it comes to shopping for household items.


About the Industry

The homewares industry in Australia is as competitive as it is confusing. You may see recurring brands across multiple retailers, all shouting different offers on some of the same products. This is because brands often select multiple stockists to sell their products. As a result, the same product on five different sites with have 5 different sale prices but will share the same recommended retail price (RRP).

We want to cut through the noise and provide clarity on item value, not worth.


What does this mean?

After browsing through some of our products, you may have noticed that selected items have a small tag showing ✓ Price Promise. This means that our team has curated the price of these products to more correctly represent the price they are. With well-established brands, and an array of online marketplaces as stockists, a product’s value is often hard to see past the numerous offers, reductions, increases, recommended retail prices and other confusing communication. We’ve done the research, we’ve looked at our main competitors, and we’ve tested the products ourselves. For timeless items that have a history in the market, we’ve set a more realistic RRP - and each one matches the true value of the product.

Am I saving, or do these items cost more?

Fear not, you are saving.

All of these items identified by our team are reduced from their recommended retail price, with savings between 10%-40% off. ✓ Price Promise products are priced with fairness, realism and quality in mind - we’re not about showing a product at an RRP that it has never sold for. To view all of our products with equitable pricing applied, simply click the button below.