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Our Approach to Sustainability

We’re conscious of the impact a small business can have on the planet and community around them and believe in working towards goals that can have a positive effect on both the environment and social issues.

In an attempt to reduce the impact of single-use plastics and landfill packaging, we opt for using a combination of recyclable and compostable resources in our packaging.

We don't print order invoices, using our order confirmation emails as the invoice.
We use brown boxes and bio-degradable satchels for all orders.
For bulky orders, we use recyclable brown kraft paper as void fill.
Compostable honeycomb wrapping is used for fragile items.
Compostable packing peanuts are used to create padding for fragile items.

We are also in the process of working our way to improving our impact via the following:

  • Switching our packaging tape and stickers to a gum-based/compostable alternative
  • Finding partners to help reduce our carbon outputs
  • Finding a third-party to create a bedlinen recycling program for our customers
  • Switching out our returns information slip for a smaller recycled paper alternative

How To Dispose of Packaging Responsibly

If you recently received an order from us, here's how you can responsibly break down the packaging.

1. Start by placing all carboard, tissue paper, kraft paper and other paper in your recycling bin, making sure to remove any plastic tape and/or stickers.
2. Place all compostable packaging (like our satchels and packing peanuts) in your own compost bin or find a compost bin host within your local community! We recommend using ShareWaste or Planet Ark to see where you can take compostables if you don't have your own bin.
3. Gather any soft plastic packaging from your products to recycle via Australia's new Redcycle initiative. Soft plastic bins are provided by local grocers, like Cole's & Woolworths.

Closing the Loop

Like with clothing, true sustainability starts at home. Here are some of our tips to ensure your items live as long as possible, reducing the need to repurchase where possible.

Missing a button is no reason to panic.

Learn to sew a button back on in several easy steps with a quick google search. All you need is a needle, thread, and a positive attitude.

Protect your new bedding items before use.

We cannot stress enough how easy it is to extend the life of your bedding simply by using protectors where possible. For your mattress, pillow, and even your quilt, grab a protector and see how long your bed lives on.

From riches, to rags.

Torn or damaged something irrevocably? Instead of disposing of it, turn it into household rags by cutting it up and using it to clean with. Alternatively, donate it to a textiles recycling program near you.