Celebrate in Style: Colours of the season.

This spring brings with it the promise of a lock-down free summer, though the high chances of another la Nina event dim the prospect of hot summer celebrations. Regardless, there’s the feel of a good party in the air, and it’s a feeling you can take into your home to create a vibrant, lively space.

Whether you’re already planning your next trip to Europe, or will get rained in this Christmas, you can always transform your home and recreate the sensations experienced on a Holiday. Fashion trends are already seeing to this theme with a strong return to 80’s graphics, eclectic hues and playful shapes. We’ve flagged the following four hues as our top trending colours for the season, each a fruitful, fun hue.

Acid Green
Barbie Pink
Soft Yellow
Mykonos Blue

Upon first glance, this vibrant palette may startle the more conservative homeowner, but rest assured that each hue can be played upon to refresh your home style in a manner that suits you. If you’ve opted for an earthy-coloured home, olive green can become khaki, or can become the feature colour amongst a black-brown-white palette. For a more gothic home aesthetic, lilac can become a dark aubergine, matching well with sister colours like deep emerald or mahogany brown. 

New spring arrivals from brands like Linen House and Bambury capture the spirit of holiday using these trending colours, inciting ideas of playfulness, joy and relaxation.

Broad, abstract florals draw inspiration from groovy graphic ideas that started in the eighties, whilst hints of chenille and macrame nod to 70's themes. These were periods of time when maximalism showed through various textures and pattern, with a fairly dormant colour palette of orange, green and brown. The addition of modern tones like barbie pink and lilac lean more towards 90's quirks, where every colour became its own trend!

If you’re looking to add a splash of holiday sentiment to your home, we recommend opting for a large-scale vibrant print or monochromatic, textured hue in something bold. Here are some of our best and most brightly coloured accessories in each of the trending colours for the season!

For the home that allows limited space for colour, the spirit of celebration can be created in a variety of other ways. A bespoke, Australian natives print takes form in the Willamine quilt cover from Linen House, whilst terracotta tones can emulate visions of sundried sands & clay sculpture; somewhere warmer and far away.

Be enriched by colour this spring, and find ways to celebrate the essence of summer in your home.