Cotton Vs. Bamboo Cotton Sheets: Which are Better For You?

Is cotton the best fabric for bed sheets? Many will say yes because cotton sheets look and feel smooth, and are historically known for their softness and durability. Cotton is also easy to clean and will get softer with every wash.

But bamboo cotton sheets are also contenders for the best type of sheet. They are well-loved by many for their breathability, comfort, and durability. Bamboo sheets are often likened to silk, as they are cool to the touch and have a slight sheen. These sheets are also naturally bacteria-resistant and have a fresh feeling that most people love, particularly in the summer.

Let’s discuss the difference between cotton and bamboo to narrow your bed sheet options and help you sleep better!


Cotton Vs. Bamboo Fabric Manufacturing: How They are Made

White Yarn

Cotton fabric production starts with removing leaves from cotton plants and eliminating large contaminants from the raw cotton fibre. Then, a cotton gin separates the cotton seeds from the bolls before shipping the material to a textile manufacturing facility. There, the material undergoes carding, spinning and dyeing before being woven into bed sheets or other cotton products, such as t-shirts and denim jeans.

Bamboo fabric production is relatively straightforward. First, the bamboo cellulose is extracted from crushed bamboo trunks. Then, the bamboo fibres are soaked in an enzyme solution before they are washed and spun into yarn used for weaving the fabric.


Cotton Sheets: How They Compare to Bamboo Cotton Blends

Are bamboo cotton sheets soft? Absolutely. But are they softer than cotton sheets? This depends on the cotton sheet type you’re comparing it with. Here’s an overview of different kinds of cotton that are comparable to bamboo:

  • Cotton Percale

This type of cotton sheet features a one-over, one-under weave, also known as a square weave. This breathable cotton construction is recommended for hot sleepers because of its lighter weight, crisp feel and optimal open weave style which allows maximum air flow.

  • Sateen

This type of cotton sheet feels silky and drapes well over beds because of the weave — up to four threads are woven ‘over’ for every thread woven ‘under’ in a 45 degree weave construction, which creates the softness. But although it isn’t prone to wrinkling and feels super soft to handle, it could pill or snag if woven on inferior yarns. Some higher thread cotton sateen sheets can also reduce breathability, which is important to note for hot sleepers. We always recommend opting for well-established brands in the market place when shopping for this popular style of high thread count (400-1200thc) sheet to ensure you get the best quality.

  • Washed Cotton

This cotton fabric undergoes enzyme wash treatment for a softer feel and a slightly creased appearance, making it cosier to the touch. Washed cotton has a relaxed look, very comfy to sleep in and doesn’t require ironing, either!


Cotton Vs. Bamboo Sheets: Daily Use and Proper Maintenance

Cotton sheets feel different depending on the weave of the fabric. Generally, however, cotton sheets feel softer and smoother over time — in fact, many people prefer using old sheets or washed cotton because they feel softer and more breathable. Most cotton sheets are machine washable and dryable.

Bamboo cotton sheets are as soft, smooth and supple as cotton sheets. They are breathable, resulting in a cool and comfortable sleep. Like cotton, they are machine washable and dryable. They hold dye better, so you can expect the colour of your bamboo sheets to remain vivid for longer.

Are There Alternatives to Cotton and Bamboo Cotton Sheets?

Are bamboo cotton sheets sustainable?

Yes, they are. And so are cotton sheets.

They are both sourced from natural resources that grow relatively quickly. Other shared features of the two materials include antimicrobial resistance, durability and softness.

Cotton and bamboo aside, what sheets are naturally bacteria-resistant and soft? Linen.

Linen sheets are soft, breathable and cool to touch. They also have no problem wicking away sweat and humidity. They’re an excellent alternative to cotton sheets and bamboo cotton sheets if you feel like being more adventurous with your bedsheet choices.

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